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NEJE 3 E40 Laser Engaver Portable Laser Engraving Machines Cutter Diy Logo Mark Printer CNC Laser Metal Wood Engraving Tools

NEJE 3 E40

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NEJE 3 laser engraving and cutting machine is the fourth generation desktop portable engraving machine The fourth generation NEJE 3 series optimizes the mechanical, precision, and control system usability to the top.

The frame structure adopts CNC technology, precise assembly and balanced structural design,ensuring the accuracy of the X,Y,and Z axis directions and carving quality.Automatic reset,"one key start",wireless offline function combined with software operation allow you to freely create anywhere.NEJE software and apps can achieve photo engraving,text engraving,and wireless transmission of engraving files in just one step,allowing you to create diverse works without professional engraving knowledge.NEJE 3 is also compatible with the new NEJE+lightburn wireless control mode.If you plan to use NEJE 3 as a productivity tool,it is possible to wirelessly manage countless NEJE devices with a single laptop.

The updated NEJE 3 is compatible with extended functions such as NEJE rotaty and M8,M7,Door,compatible with native Z-axis,rotary and automation expansion.The newly designed module installation interface is compatible with the classic N30610,B30635,and N30820 manual zoom laser function modules.At the same time,it is also compatible with the NEJE simple height adjuster,which improves engraving efficiency by expanding the input power (12V 4A) and upgrading the NEJE E40 module and A40640 module. At the same time,the NEJE 3 control system can expand the X-axis and Y-axis areas by modifying area parameters.

Equipped with MEMS sensing protection as standard,you can set appropriate vibration protection functions to ensure safe operation in case of unexpected vibration and displacement.The NEJE 3 series is NEJE's classic development architecture, with very simple assembly.You only need to tighten 4 screws to start your creation,making it an excellent tool for beginners and commercial mass engraving and production.


Model: NEJE 3
Satety Protection: MEMS
Working Size: 170 x 170 mm
Pixel: 2266 x 2266 px
Dot pitch: 0.075mm 338dpi
Software: NEJE APP for Android, NEJE 3 APP for iOS / ipadOS / macOS, NEJE Win Software, LaserGRBL,LightBurn.
LightBurn ( paid software from the official website of Lightburn.) supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
Frame material: CNC Cutting Composite plate, aluminum alloy, acrylic.
Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: DC12V, 4A
Wavelength: 450nm
Drive: Built-in
Lens Material: D-ZK3

Packing list

1 x NEJE 3 Laser Engraving Machine
1 x E40 Laser Module
4 x Nuts
1 x goggle
1 x L-shaped wrench
1 x USB Cable
1 x Small wrench
1 x 12V4A Power Adapter